Lotto Time At Bill's

Many of you are well aware that the rare bourbon/ whiskies have come in, believe us when we say that we would love to sell them to everyone of you that call and come by our store. We always want what is best for our costumers; therefore it's lotto time at Bill's Liquor Store.

For every $50+, before tax, bottle of bourbon/whiskey purchased earns one ticket. Drawing day : Saturday, January 4, starting at 12 noon. ***** Ticket Holders must be present in store at the time of drawing to be eligible to purchase bottles!*****Reminder-The Lotto is for the right to purchase a bottle of hard to find bourbons.***

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In Honor of All Those Who Have Served This Great Country!

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"If you watch your pennies, the dollars at Bills will take care of themselves."

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Information You Should Know.

We have had many request to ship product from our store. According to Tennessee State Alcoholic Beverage Commission Laws; NO Retail Liquor stores in the State of Tennessee are allowed to ship Alcohol. All sales must be in store purchases. Thank you for your interest in our site.